Sustainable yoga wear to heal our oceans

Today the plastic ocean issue is a dire problem the world shares.
It is reported that more than 8 million tons* of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year.
We no longer have a choice but to reassess the way we live, with particular attention to our relationship with plastic.
At yoq we encourage the growth of renewable and sustainable fashion by using fabrics and creative processes that help reduce environmental footprint. The heart of our work is to provide you with better options that help us all on this path.

*Jambecket al. 2015

yoq is derived from the Sanskrit term yoga, which means to join or to unite.
We believe that as a collective consciousness, with mindfulness and compassion we can have a positive affect on community and the environment.


An ocean-lover and avid traveler, Kumiko saw with her own eyes the dire situation of the oceans caused by our selfish ways. Every kind of single-use plastic that you can imagine had ended up in the oceans, covering the once pristine beaches and waters, endangering marine life and the ecosystem.
Today we are all dependent on plastic. Even our yoga wear is made of plastic. As a yoga instructor, she could not ignore the fact that this contradicts the ethics shared through the traditional teachings of yoga. What first started as an experiment to rid plastic from her life eventually developed into a much bigger project. Leveraging her knowledge and skills from years of product marketing in the luxury cosmetics field, with the support of like-minded experts and companies, the journey of yoq began in January 2018.
Kumiko is committed to offering responsible, eco-friendly options to the yoga community so we can contribute to the nurturing of a healthier planet.