Meet Lifestyle Ambassador
JOANNA @thefeelgoodmessenger

Describe yourself.
I’m a yoga teacher, a lifestyle coach, an artist, a lady boss in flip flops, a dreamer, a vegetarian, a free spirit, a mum, an independent woman, a tea devotee, a chocolate and nature lover, a tree hugger, a moon cycles wisdom facilitator, a modern, creative and ambitious woman… Hmmm, that list is long and I could add more things!!!

What is life in Mauritius like?
Colorful!!! Nature is tropical and lush. Weather is warm and sunny. We’re surrounded by a turquoise lagoon… There’s lots of green and blue and sunshine + these bright Indian sarees and the smell of incense and spices.
In Mauritius, we live among different cultures and beliefs. It’s very diverse and enriching. Even though, we have a modern life with internet & social media, I like to keep my lifestyle simple & spend time at the sea which is 5 minutes from my home. Plus I have a garden with birds and trees.

What is your passion?
I have so much that I am passionate about! I love to create beautiful things, to paint, to write, to express myself… I want to learn about new subjects, to work on myself and become the best version of me.

Who inspires you?
I’m inspired by authentic people who walk their talk. I’m inspired by the eccentrics, the misfits, the artists, the rebels, the creative people… who are passionate & believe they can change the world.
I’m inspired by people who take responsibility for the way they live, for the words they speak and the actions they take. I’m inspired by people who want to make their best contribution to the world.

Plastic pollution is a dire problem the entire world shares today. How do you see Mauritius approaching this?
Hopefully Mauritius has eliminated the use of plastic bags by 2026. There’s more and more awareness about plastic pollution in Mauritius. There are regular clean-ups & educational campaigns on the subject. I see a lot of people making some effort to enjoy a more conscious and respectful lifestyle.

“Plastic-free” and “Zero-waste” are trending among the eco-conscious. What is your take on it?
I buy consciously & local preferably. I believe small shifts lead to BIG transformation and every little effort counts.

How do you incorporate it in your daily life? Do you have any tips for us?
I have a spare stainless steel bottle filled with filtered water in my car in case I’m thirsty and I’ve forgotten to bring my glass or metal water bottle (which often happens!). Then I don’t have to buy water in plastic bottles. I have a water filter at home.
I use cardboard boxes at the supermarket to carry my groceries and then I drop them back so they can be used again by other customers.
All fruit & veggie peels and left overs go into my garden instead of the trash bin. I don’t really make compost with them but they go back to earth and are rapidly transformed.
I sometimes make my beauty care products like deodorant and toothpaste with simple ingredients from my kitchen. Presently I use a natural deodorant in Kraft packaging. I’ve been using a menstrual cup and washable cloth menstrual pads for 4 years.

What about yoq resonates with you?
As yoga teacher, my work clothes are yoga pants and tops and I love that the outfits I wear make me feel good on a physical & ethical level. Wearing yoq allows me to make positive change and impact, even at a small scale. I’m very honored to be a yoq ambassador.

As lifestyle ambassador, what is your personal message to everyone?
Create your Feel-Good Lifestyle, an authentic life where you express yourself, live your passion, share your talents, take your responsibilities, follow universal values, make your dreams happen and give back to the planet and people.

Which pieces from yoq are your personal favorites?
My favorite pieces are the Maxi Playa Shirts. Love them!!! Super comfortable and so simply elegant. The Kaffir lime colored shirt has the color of my eyes, and the Guava colored shirt, the color of my skin. The High Rise Leggings and Anahata Bra Top in Lava color are my favorite too!!! And the Anahata Crop Tank!

We only have 24 hrs in Mauritius. What do you suggest we do?
Go to the beach, walk barefoot in the sand, swim in the lagoon to clear your energy, enjoy coconut water and eat some dholl puri (local Indian bread & curry) on the streets.

Words you live by:
It’s possible.


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